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Massage with hot cotton stamps

Massage with hot cotton stamps

Full body massage punches otherwise called massage, hot pouches is a type of massage that is extremely popular in Ayurvedic medicine, particularly in India.

Ayurveda means "science of life" has been known for more than 5,000 years; massage with hot stamps is much more than a massage, its effect is internal and external health.

Massage is made alternately with manual massage, then accordingly prepared a series of stamping includes: stamping your back, feet, generally the whole body.

A stamp is a type of cotton pouch built from a mixture of dried herbs, medicinal plants like eucalyptus, lavender, thyme, based on Dead Sea salts have a positive influence on the physical condition of the body, but also emotional and energetic.

The main task of massage stamps is to open the pores of the skin to facilitate absorbency and absorptive capacity of the skin to the active substances contained in plants punches massage. Properties of plants is an anti-inflammatory, analgesic, revitalizing and relaxing.

(Keep in mind that it is very important that this massage was performed on real 100% natural ingredients that guarantees the properties and the effects attributed to him).

Properties massage stamps:
It regenerates, calms, strengthens the immune system, improves circulation, strengthens the immune system and stimulates metabolism, increases activity and provides well-being.

Massage stamps recommended as a gift idea,

STAMP MASSAGE TEI SAI SPA massage copyright owner Alchemy Day Spa Warsaw.

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Time of treatment: 45 minut
Price: 170 zł

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