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Carrot oil Massage.

Carrot oil Massage.

Body massage using cold-pressed oil of carrot is a unique vitamin bomb for the skin.
Carrot oil contains natural vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and P is rich in beta carotene, vitamin A prevents premature aging, accelerates housing new skin cells exceptionally relaxes them, the effect of smoothness. In contrast, vitamin B perfectly oxygenates the skin, have an anti-dandruff vitamin D regenerates the skin lipid layer while strengthening it, and consequently gives the skin a silky touch, vitamin D in our skin meets the protective properties when applying essential oil of carrot additionally strengthens it. Vitamin E is widely known vitamin of youth, is a vitamin that neutralizes free radicals and prevents water loss in the skin cells and in fact it from drying. Vitamin C activates the vitamin P action which protects the skin against harmful atmospheric agents and in particular UV rays.
The effect of the massage parlor carrot skin is rejuvenated, nourished, supple, also leaves the effect of a natural tan.
Before performing the massage oil with carrots, we propose to salt-based peeling from the Dead Sea.
We especially recommend the booklet in a series of 10 massage at least once a week for the price of 1 450 zł *
Massage using essential oil of carrot is especially recommended for pregnant women using it on alternating with almond massage oil with sweet almond 90% of customers ensures that no stretch marks arise.
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Time of treatment: 60 minut
Price: 240 zł

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