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Massage Varsovia ANTY STRES

Massage Varsovia ANTY STRES

Body massage, classic massage, aromatherapy, anti-stress massage, Polynesian massage, anti-cellulite massage, chocolate massage, hot stone massage, massage for pregnant women, Massage for children, massage for men, massage punches, massage is a word that makes us think with something good, positive and miłym.Tak just massage is the most primitive form of treatment known since forever.
In order to enhance the effects of massage, we recommend the application of heat before the massage, it can be a temporary stay in the sauna, we use heated almond oil.Today we are exposed to various types of stress associated with problems resulting from work responsibilities, children, economic conditions and diseases, or civilization, so we need to find time for us in a minimum dimension and invest in health and prevention in order to avoid future consequences.
A very important element in our massage is oil, which is made of body massage oil of vegetable origin must be cold-pressed, nierektyfikowany, not mixed, it is best that it was a sweet almond oil with almond 100% natural.The use Alchemy Day Spa massage with sweet almond oil and almond from Tarragona Alqvimia, nierektyfikowany and not mixed with other oils. In addition, a massage Alchemy adjust scent note depending on the emotional state, it causes the massage our work in many dimensions, not just physical.
Manual massage performed on oils, 100% natural has endless benefits, in particular combats accumulated stress preventing the formation of the negative effects produced in our body.
Benefits of masażuAnty-stress, relieves stress, relaxes muscles, since it improves blood circulation, removes waste products, regulate the rhythm of the heart and lowers blood pressure, a person experiences a sense of peace and tranquility, reduces pain by improving blood flow and nutrients, such as oxygen reaching faster massaged areas.It reduces inflammation and enhance wound healing. Contact a specialist hands not only provides comfort for the body, but also regulates and alleviates stress body massage parlor psychofizyczny.Efekt Alchemy is to increase elasticity of the skin, which becomes soft and smooth.The digestive system is increased secretion of gastric juices, improving the functions of the stomach and digestive tract, including intestinal tract. It strengthens the immune system, improves blood circulation in the body, detoxifies and detoxify resulting in the body that makes this more effectively cope with the disease.
What areas require particular commitment? Actually preferred full body massage, but it must always be performed by a specialist, remember that it should not be carried out by unqualified personnel to prevent pain and discomfort, massage performed using bad technique and paraffin oils can cause a lot of harm.
During the massage therapist adjusts the massage force, which is made fluid should never be any sudden movements. During the massage breaking down muscle contracture, loosening them, excessive pressure may cause pain or swelling, although in some massage techniques like; anti-cellulite massage, slimming massage, Chinese cupping massage and lymphatic drainage can occur such an effect.
The anti-stress massage draw attention to some places in a special way to massage the neck, back, feet and hands.
When to avoid massage?During fever, muscle mended, injuries, wounds, infectious diseases, with advanced varicose veins. Always fill out a special health card, and any illnesses and diseases, please discuss with our therapist, to massage a pleasure and health.
As we begin a good massage?The Alchemy Day Spa Warsaw anti-stress massage is preceded by the selection of a special fragrance notes depending on the emotional state, it also will increase the massage effect.
Massage room is properly prepared, light, background music, scent, heated bed, heated olej.Dodatkowo our massages are specially prepared items and massage techniques that you can only get to know how you use it in our salonie.Szczególnie we recommend massage for two, our rooms are very spacious 20-25 square meters, massage for two in one room is an extraordinary idea for a gift for different occasions, with us you will learn another dimension to the massage.WelcomeOur massages;
Cellulite massage;,332
Massage Oil with Marchewli;,35
Classic massage;,304
Anti-stress massage;,396
Aromatherapy massage;,4
Chocolate massage:,265
Honey massage;,33
Massage Oil with Coconut,21
Massage Zodiac;,303
Hot stone massage:,74
Four-hand massage,291
Massage stamps;,11
 oriental massage;,400
And many other massages. 

Time of treatment: 70 minut
Price: 250 zł

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