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Latest promotions
Alchemy Day Spa Warsaw
Autumn SPA Doping
November 2019

PURITY Healthy and dazzling skin
A skin cleansing and care program based on 100% natural cold-pressed Carrot and Jojoba oil, which are known for their excellent purity and quality, stop water loss in cells, moisturize, and prevent skin aging. (care treatment consists of manual facial cleansing, aromatherapy compress, thermal clay mask, draining face and head massage, regenerating mask, eyebrow regulation). The treatment cleanses, adds radiance and strengthens the skin.
Time 130 minutes
price: PLN 350
300 PLN cash payment *
Reservation date: tel: 502 224 723 or 502 178 075 email:

ROSE NORTH Rose of the North
Autumn illuminating facial treatment that restores extreme hydration and color combined with nourishing our skin and reactivating its firmness and density.
Ideal for dry skin, low in lipids and requiring uniformity of color. The treatment uses natural Avocado Oil, cold pressed, rich in EFAs, i.e. essential unsaturated fatty acids that protect the skin against dehydration by binding water in the epidermis. Carrot oil plays the role of a natural self-tanner to even out skin pigmentation, is rich in vitamins A, E and C, strongly nourishes and oxygenates the complexion. The treatment is enriched with the use of essential oil from Myrrh and Bulgarian Rose and an extract from the Polar Rose, which rejuvenates and regenerates. The treatment is recommended for all skin types and recommended in a series so as to be able to achieve the best results.
Time: 90 min Price 280 PLN /
230 PLN cash payment *
Recommended treatment in the series: 3 treatments pass - 510 PLN * (valid for 1 month). Date of reservation: tel: 502 224 723 or 502 178 075 email:

KOBIDO FACE MASSAGE The Japanese secret to young skin TOP10
Japanese facial massage technique provides visible and long-lasting effects that are difficult to achieve with other methods. It is a completely natural form of face lifting and rejuvenation. In addition to the cosmetic action, the Japanese face lifting has a very high health impact on our entire body, and prevents the emergence of diseases. It is also important to improve well-being, reduce tension and completely relax during the massage. The essence of Japanese facial massage is manual muscle massage as well as stimulation of facial acupressure points combined with deep lifting and lymphatic drainage.
Duration 50 minutes
Price 170 PLN / With cash payment 140 PLN *
3 massage ticket PLN 380 *
6 massage ticket 600 PLN *
Reservation date: tel: 502 224 723 or 502 178 075 email:

Aromatherapy full body massage with "real hot chocolate" and essential oil from Orange is a real feast for all the senses, the treatment has a great effect on the psyche and improves skin condition, beautifies, oxygenates, nourishes and stimulants, the wonderful chocolate fragrance stimulates the production of happiness hormones - endorphins and effectively improves the mood, moisturizes, nourishes and smoothes the skin, leaving a wonderful smell on it.
Duration: 70 minutes
Price: 260 PLN / For cash payment 225 PLN *
Together in one room PLN 430 (*)
Reservation date: tel: 502 224 723 or 502 178 075 email:

Ginger with a drop of orange Autumn Body Massage
Oriental Body Massage based on Karite Butter with warming ginger aromas combined with the freshness of Orange, which stimulates sensuality and relaxes.
Time: 60 minutes Price 230 PLN / with cash payment 195 PLN *
The Two 360 PLN * R
Date reservation: tel: 502 224 723 or 502 178 075 email:

Happy Body Smooth, getting smoother
A unique ritual, whose main task is to thoroughly clean the skin of the whole body, ground walnut and coconut shell softens, firms and regenerates, the addition of essential oils from pomelo, rosewood, lemon, geranium and chamomile takes you to the world of relaxation and calmness. This is no ordinary peeling - it is a real delight for the skin and senses.
Duration 45 minutes
Promotional price: 165 PLN / For cash payment 145 PLN *
Reservation date: tel: 502 224 723 or 502 178 075 email:

BEAUJOLAIS NOUVEAU young wine ceremony
A rejuvenating ritual based on young wine rich in polyphenols from the Gamay grape from France full of antioxidants with an intense vineyard aroma. A regenerating body and face treatment based on the richness of red grape extract, which thanks to the polyphenols content relieve stress, rejuvenate and stimulate renewal. the treatment ensures tired skin relax and rest, adds brightness and vitality, the ritual consists of a grape peeling and body mask, bathing in vinous must, body massage, and a moisturizing face treatment.
Duration 3 hours price PLN 500 / With cash payment PLN 430 *
Reservation date: tel: 502 224 723 or 502 178 075 email:

Modeling massage using a Chinese vacuum cup, which perfectly breaks down excess fat, sensational reduction of cellulite, while slimming and firming, the action is enhanced by a specially prepared mixture of essential oils selected individually by kinesiology test
Duration: 30 minutes price: PLN 90
Duration: 60 minutes, price: PLN 180
10 massages pass
Duration: 30 minutes great price PLN 500 (*) instead of PLN 700
Duration: 60 minutes super price 900 PLN (*) instead of 1000 PLN
Reservation date: tel: 502 224 723 or 502 178 075 email:

FOOT REFLECTION. Take a moment
Foot reflexology is one of the oldest and most effective holistic massage techniques regulating the work of internal organs. On our feet we have large receptors connected to the body's organs by a network of energy channels in Traditional Chinese Medicine called "meridians".
In foot reflexotherapy, using the knowledge of meridian diagnostics, greatly supports the treatment of all chronic diseases and allows cleaning the sources of their occurrence. An additional advantage of foot reflexotherapy is very deep relaxation and silence of the mind.
Duration 60 minutes Price PLN 150 / with cash payment PLN 120 *
5 massage ticket 495 PLN *
Reservation date: tel: 502 224 723 or 502 178 075 email:


LAVENDER body oil from Provence Lavender 150 ml
Price PLN 105 / with cash payment PLN 75 *
- moisturized - cellulite - eliminates subcutaneous thickening - cleanses slims - eliminates toxins - regulates excessive secretion of sebaceous glands - rebuilds connective tissue - fights stress-related skin problems - supports burns treatment - strongly regenerates the skin ...
Eco Purity Face Care Cream 50 ml price 145 PLN / for cash payment 110 PLN *
Moisturizes the skin with the use of lavender and tea tree essential oils, rejuvenates thanks to natural hyaluronic acid of plant origin, regenerates through ecological aloe vera, the content of which is 20%.

HAND MADE hand cream 30 ml 45 PLN / 30 PLN cash payment *
The HAND MADE FOR HAND regenerating hand cream contains only natural ingredients and is intended for daily care of dry and damaged skin of the hands of men and women. The cream perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin of the hands (wheat germ, calendula, essential oils of Mirra, Incense, Geranium, Pomelo ..)

Arodyta face serum 30 ml price 215 PLN / for cash payment 145 PLN *
strongly rejuvenating face serum that increases the effectiveness of your cream based on avocado oil, wheat germ and regenerating essential oils

Aphrodite body oil 150 ml price 225 PLN / for cash payment 150 PLN *
rejuvenating body oil with a highly regenerative effect with Mirra and Incense










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