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Body care oils BODY OF LIGHT – 150 ml

Cellulites Oil – an unusually effective composition of lemon, rosemary, juniper, cypress essences and extracts from ivy, horsetail and alga focus prevent and support elimination of excessive fatty tissue and cellulites, toning, slimming and shaping your figure.

Slimming Oil – draining essences from cedar tree, juniper, mint and lemon help in fighting overweight by accurately shaping outline of your figure, cleansing the organism from the excessive amount of water and toxins. The oil is a perfect supplement of a slimming diet.

Body Sculptor – a real break-through in natural, healthy figure shaping and toning. It is a mixture of coriander, juniper, dill, lavender, lemongrass and grapefruit shaping the figure in places which are especially resistant to reductions in girth.

Body Stretch Stopper – an oil preventing skin stretch marks. Perfect in pregnancy, adolescence and during a slimming diet. It is a mixture almond, nut, wild rose and wheat sprouts oils which restores skin’s density, flexibility and resilience.

Comfort Legs – toning and vitalizing oil for leg care. Rosemary, cypress, juniper, mint, lemon, grapefruit and sesame oil eliminate fatigue and feeling of heavy legs. The oil improves circulation and relaxes legs.

Healthy Feet – nourishing, regenerating and protecting oil for foot care. Tea plant is bactericidal, lavender relaxes, sage and coriander are natural deodorants.

Anti-Stress – an anti-stress oil with a captivating fragrance, a strong relaxing and eliminating physical and emotional tension effect. The oil is especially recommended to people with insomnia and depression.

Cleopatra – an oil on the basis of resin extracts from Boswellia and myrrh, the ancient symbols of purity and eternal youth. Its beautiful, exotic smell makes a woman fascinating and full of grace. Her skin will be moisturized, nourished and smooth.

Bust Firming – a toning oil for bust with almond oil and essences from geranium and lemongrass.

Volumen Bust – a unique formula of essences from sage, dill, geranium among others, beautifully shapes bust and in natural and healthy manner enlarging its size.

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