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"Women are the masterpieces of the universe"

WOMEN IN LOVE March 2018

A SWATCHETER To be a sexy, tempting, original woman
Body and face massage based on the unique properties of the world's noblest flowers: Bulgarian rose, Jasmine from Mysore, Neroli from Morocco, Geranium from Egypt, Ylang-Ylang from Indonesia, massage regenerates the skin leaving it smooth, glowing, beautiful and young and enhances magnetism, femininity and inner harmony.
Time: 100 minutes Price: PLN 295 * (fixed price: PLN 365)

Elixir of Eternal Youth cosmetic "microsurgist" (effective rejuvenating treatment)
The treatment is a great alternative to botox treatments, provides a smooth and rejuvenated complexion, prevents signs of aging, smoothes out fine wrinkles, moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates and tightens the skin
Time: 90 minutes Price: PLN 220 * (fixed price: PLN 290)

Woman Soul (relief for 5 senses) natural antidote for smog
Antistress and oxygenating facial massage with a strong moisturizing effect
Peeling and face, neck and neck massage on carrot oil and essential oils from pink grapefruit and geranium from Morocco
Duration: 60 minutes price: 145 PLN * (fixed price 195 PLN)

Women Day Spa (manual facial cleansing in a traditional way)
A comprehensive facial cleansing program combined with a massage and moisturizing mask, additionally eyebrow adjustment and hand massage
Time 130 minutes Price 275 PLN * (fixed price 329 PLN)

Pretty Women embodiment of beauty
Cuddling the senses and body massage with a hot candle based on natural waxes, Karite Butter (Shea) and a blend of exotic essential oils
Time 60 minutes Price for 1 person 180 PLN * / for Two PLN 350 * / fixed price for 1 person 250 PLN

BORN TO BE QUEEN comprehensive body and face metamorphosis in one treatment
Regenerating ritual, which is a real metamorphosis for the skin of the body, face and mood, the program consists of the regenerating skin of the whole body scrub with the oils of the Queen of Egypt and the royal face treatment ROYAL DE LUX
Time: 180 minutes Price: PLN 460 * / fixed price PLN 630

Spring "anti-smog" detoxifying cleansing and detoxifying care that will make the skin resembling "orange peel" become smoother and more elastic, regain velvet softness, and its tissues will be strengthened, the treatment improves blood circulation, restores elasticity and firmness drains water and body toxins: a salt body scrub, cleansing of toxins and detoxifying body detox from Breton algae with essential oils accelerating fat burning and excretion of toxins from the body (during the silent face massage), modeling body massage with elements of drainage
Time 130 minutes Price: 360 PLN * / fixed price PLN 430 (reservation deadline)
Alchemy recommendation: three treatments pass for use within 21 days price PLN 900 *

SPRING BODY PEELING 100% NATURE - beautiful and delicate body
Exfoliation of dead skin is an indispensable procedure for maintaining a young and healthy appearance of the skin, various particles intensely rubbed on the skin remove calloused cells of the epidermis and leave the body silky to the touch.
✔ Aromatherapeutic Body peeling with an ointment of oils with an individually selected scent note
✔ Cuban body peeling from cane sugar and essential oil from Lemon
Espresso Modeling body peeling with freshly ground coffee, which works slimming and firming
Yin and Yang peeling individually chosen kinesiological test
Duration: 45 minutes PROMOTIONAL price PLN 130 *: fixed price PLN 165

Focus on the Beautiful Body: Madame Butterfly
regain a slim figure, lightness and smooth, healthy skin (spring preparations)
The treatment improves shapes, eliminates toxins and excess fluid from the body. The skin is deeply nourished and has a silky smooth appearance. The treatment begins with the full exfoliation of the body preparing the skin for a nutritional mask of warm mud with an extract of olive oil, which removes fatigue, smoothes and mineralizes. While your skin absorbs enriching minerals, a foot massage is performed and your body feels healing regeneration and deep moisturizing, so that you can fully experience the delightful feeling of total renewal, after the mask the whole body is subjected to a modeling massage on the oils of a karotka,
almond and green mandarin oil.
Time 120 minutes price PLN 350 * / fixed price PLN 450

WAX TIME - full leg depilation + traditional bikini 90 PLN *


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