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Terms of invitations Alchemy Day Spa
Invitation Alchemy Day Spa will be enforced if it was paid (for electronic sales)
The holder of a call on the reservation must state the number of calls appears on the reverse side in the upper left or lower right (electronic call)

Reservations Call:
Tel 022 8493256
com tel: 502 224 723
SMS: 502 224 723
Monday to Friday:

Saturday 10:00-21:00

Recording Procedure:
Please call your number, which is located in the upper left corner to verify the type of purchased service contract and agree a convenient time for both parties.
On execution of a call:
You have to have with them the invitation, the service will be made solely on the basis of:
Arrive at least 5 minutes before the scheduled
At least 2 hours before the visit, please do not eat large meals (for body treatments)
In some treatments pregnancy to 3-month, it is a contraindication, please consult the reception.

The invitation has its expiry date and should be completed on time,
Alchemy Day Spa reserves the right to cancel after the deadline.
However, when the need arises it is possible to extend (the conditions to be agreed, min. One week before the expiry date) in the selected date by Alchemy Salon Da Spa (Salon Day Spa)

The invitation can be replaced by any other care treatment of the pricing Alchemy Day Spa (treatments not applicable discounts), or skin care ALQVIMIA if the value of the fixed service is less than the value of the call shall be paid the difference.
The invitation is not exchanged for cash.

In case of loss, loss, destruction invitations, Body Day Spa is not responsible, nor compensated in any way the situation.
Salon Day Spa reserves the right to shorten the service by the time delay.
If a person who has an invitation would not come at the appointed hour, Body Day Spa treats it as a successful service.

A person who wants to change the date and time for surgery should inform the reception Alchemy Day Spa at least 12 hours before the agreed date, otherwise the call is treated as realized.
The Employer and the recipient has the right to learn the principles of "Invitation" available from the reception Salon Day Spa and Day Spa's website Warsaw.


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