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About Us

Alchemy Day Spa Beauty and Aromatherapy Studio

A beauty salon day spa in operation since 1998 providing all types of beauty services and care are our specialty, natural cosmetics using natural Alqvimia. 

Laboratory of beauty and aromatherapy is the only place in the heart of Warsaw, where the essence of nature materializes in all treatments and holistic care programs.
Warsaw Day Spa is located on the ground floor of a prewar building in 1920 on Maple Street next to the Union of Lublin Square. 
This place has a special history because she lived in the well-known Polish artist Rena Rolska scenes, and later worked in his atelier wybiitny ubierający Warsaw tailor elite Mr Alexander Drozd. Alchemy Day Spa specializes in individual, aromatherapy spa and wellness programs, a facial, body and soul, based on ancient alchemical recipes from all over the world and provide each client a true relaxation and a bit of luxury. 
Anyone who will honor us with their presence, and cross the thresholds Alchemy Day Spa Warsaw tasted peace, relaxation, harmony and finds beauty and well being. 
In his original beauty treatments that we utilize all the natural elements of the therapy - water, algae, clay, mud treatment, mud, vegetable oils, herbs, precious and semiprecious stones, aromatherapy essences of 100% purity, quality and efficiency. 
Warsaw is a Day Spa salon atutoryzowany's The Alchemy Workshop Alqvimia world leader in natural cosmetics and aromatherapy, all cosmetics are free from synthetic preservatives, parabens, petroleum derivatives, silicones, synthetic dyes. 

Experience, professionalism and excellent hands of our therapists will perfectly match care to the individual needs of each of the most demanding customer. 
All care since 1998 in our day spa are made using the highest quality natural cosmetics. 

warsaw beauticians can trust it


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