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Face Care

Acne stop!

Acne stop!

Extremely effective cosmetic procedure designed for problematic acne prone skin.
Regulates the secretion of the sebaceous glands, astringent and antibacterial, reduces acne and prevents them from returning, the skin becomes dull, clean and becomes healthy color
- Reduce the amount of breakouts
- Unblock sebaceous glands
- Brighten and unify color
- Reduction of sebum secretion
- Dulling oily parts of the face, moisturizing and smoothing the party dry
- Easing irritation
A series of 6 treatments at a price 790 zł (cleaning as a gift during 3 surgery) *

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Care is made of 100% luxurious natural cosmetics Alqvimia

Warsaw beautician professional experience.

* Promotional price when paying by cash

195zł option with a mechanical cleaning of the face 280 zł


Time of treatment: 70 minut
Price: 195 zł

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Face Care Face Care

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