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SPA SUBLIME RITUAL - The Sensual Dessert or Chocolate Madness

SPA SUBLIME RITUAL  - The Sensual Dessert or Chocolate Madness

Care treatment with chocolate
Extremely appetizing treatment for body and face, which nourish, shapes the contours of the body, satisfy your senses a huge dose of energy will paint a smile on your face
... treatment includes body and face care
- Revitalizes and nourishes the skin
- Deactivates free radicals
- Improves elasticity, firmness and skin tone
- Strongly moisturises and tones
- Releases beta-endorphins (happy hormones that are responsible for our good
well-being, but also have the ability to reduce fat)
- Relaxes and reduces stress
releases endorphins of happiness you feel very happy.

Time of treatment: 160 minut
Price: 500 zł

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Ceremonies and Rituals Ceremonies and Rituals

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