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Ceremonies and Rituals

Mystery of the Queen of Egypt - Queen Cleopatra Ancient Ritual

Mystery of the Queen of Egypt - Queen Cleopatra Ancient Ritual

Holistic face care, body and soul drawn from the writings of the ancient Egyptian Alchemists
Queen Cleopatra is a ritual Care Rejuvenation, a secret concoction of oils incense and myrrh makes ritual is one of a kind of unique flavor splendor of Egypt at the time of the Pharaohs that makes you become a true queen:
Care consists of surgery on the body, face, hands, feet, a ritual bath and massage.

Cosmetic properties:
balances emotions
added self-confidence ...
treatment includes care of the body, face,
accelerates the process of regeneration of cells prevents skin aging
-Strongly nourishes and prevents stretch marks
antiseptic and astringent
-Helps to cure psoriasis and anorexia
-Promotes self-confidence and trust.

Recommended home care products: oil, lotion, cologne, bath gel [more]

Ceremony recommended as an idea for a GIFT

It is the flagship salon spa ritual Alqvimia

Time of treatment: 3 godziny lub 5 godziny z manicure oraz pedicure
Price: 500 zł

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Ceremonies and Rituals Ceremonies and Rituals

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