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Ceremonies and Rituals

Ritual of Sultan Saba

Ritual of Sultan Saba

Comprehensive care treatment body face body and soul.
In many ancient countries possessed vast knowledge in the field of cosmetics and aromatherapy, mainly Egypt and Babylon is the cradle of care is here developed the art of perfume to perfection relying mainly on precious resin incense, sandalwood, myrrh, benjui ...
Sultanas ritual of Sheba has a unique recipe, dominated by exotic fragrance and is meant for people with skin malnourished, wrinkled, dry and prone to the occurrence of eczema and allergies; the effect of the treatment is a comprehensive regeneration of the skin and a feeling of tranquility, peace and inner harmony.
The ceremony includes care for the body, face, hands and feet *
-? Rejuvenates and regenerates
? - Prevents aging of the skin strength, firming
? - Prevents stretch marks
? - Antiseptic and astringent
? - Moisturizes and prevents loss of moisture from the skin.
The ceremony is a truly holistic care of body and soul, providing unforgettable experiences resulting in a perfect mood to relax, unwind with visible cosmetic effects

The ceremony recommended as gift idea
The ritual is performed based on 100% natural cosmetics company Alqvimia

Since 1988 we have been providing beauty services and its knowledge and experience gained at home and abroad
The treatment can be complemented with manicure time 5h. Price 690zł.
Cash payments 10% discount

(*) Depending on the version


Time of treatment: 3 godziny lub 5 godz. z manicure oraz pedicure
Price: 500 zł

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Ceremonies and Rituals Ceremonies and Rituals

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