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Ceremonies and Rituals

SPA SUBLIME RITUAL - Oasis de Serenidad

SPA SUBLIME RITUAL  - Oasis de Serenidad

Anti-stress therapy for body care, face and soul of the anti-stress activity as a preventive health and beauty.
The holistic program - an antidote to the stress of a strong sedative and relaxing - a symbiosis of essential oils of citrus with a hint of lavender and marjoram will forget about all the problems moving into a state of happiness and bliss, specially arranged program of activities for all the senses makes the ceremony is extremely effective even for The most stressed people the daily life of the twenty-first century.

The ceremony consists of a cosmetic care and includes:
Care treatment for the body, face, hands and feet, resulting in a deep moisturizing and nourishing the skin to prevent moisture loss from the skin with a unique rejuvenating effect.
Therapeutically ceremony effectively eliminates tension and calms the mind
oxygenates the entire body
relaxes the body physically
balances emotions
restores vitality and energy for life

The ceremony is recommended as a perfect gift without any occasion
All the care is made using premium brand natural cosmetics Alqvimia using aromatherapy properties of wild plants from all over the world.
Home care:
Series Anti Stress,2

We provide beauty services, spa type since 1988.

Stress therapy in harmony with nature
Alchemy Salon Day Spa with its procedures does not use any cosmetic machines
Possibility of application of manicure and pedicure Price: 690 zł, for 5 hours.



Time of treatment: 3 godz.
Price: 500 zł

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Ceremonies and Rituals Ceremonies and Rituals

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