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For Couples

Chocolate Massage for Two

Chocolate Massage for Two

Chocolate massage for two Crem della Crem
This unique massage true 90% dark chocolate mixed with 100% almond oil and oil with hazelnut are cold-pressed oils and not rectified further broken are the essential oil of Spanish oranges it makes massage becomes a real elixir of love, we all in love on the Valentine's Day, but not only.
Chocolate massage, a synergy of action for all the senses works perfectly on the psyche and improves skin condition, oxygenates, tones, nourishes and wonderful aroma of chocolate, nuts and orange stimulates production of happiness hormones - endorphins that effectively improve mood, in addition to the massage we achieve exceptional cosmetic effect the skin becomes silky, moisturized and smooth, leaving a wonderful scent.
All the ingredients used to massage the chocolate are 100% natural
Couples massage is made in the same room at the same time, the scroll tasting drinking chocolate which we prepare ourselves carefully selected based on the highest quality chocolate.
Chocolate massage for two in one room is the perfect gift for lovers and especially for Valentine's Day.

Time of treatment: 70 minut
Price: 520 zł / cena promocyjna 430* zł

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For Couples For Couples

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