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For marriage

The ritual orchid for the bride

The ritual orchid for the bride

Orchid ritual is a wellness program specially developed for the future bride or another unique opportunity to be the most beautiful
... care includes treatment for body, face, hands and feet
adds luminosity and vitality, nourishes, rejuvenates and protects the skin deeply relaxing providing a perfect being.

Holistic care is recommended as a good idea for GIFTS

Care is made based on 100% natural cosmetics Alqvimia exclusive company that does not use petroleum chemical preservatives, synthetic fragrances and perfumes.

All our care provide a visible cosmetic effects as well as a perfect being and health prevention.

470 zł or 690 zł manicure and pedicure.

Since 1988, we provide beauty services.


Time of treatment: 3 godziny lub 5 godziny z manicure oraz pedicure
Price: 480 zł

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For marriage For marriage

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