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Moxa heat therapy

Moxa heat therapy

What is Moxa? Moksowanie is a therapy that involves the addition of heat to different parts of the body to restore and balance the flow of energy in the body. This is one of the most popular and oldest methods of treatment in the oriental cultures Moksowanie is stimulation of energy points through the burning of medicinal herbs, made from wormwood, Incense and Artemisy, cigar-shaped. Moxibustion techniques are different.

The Alchemy Day Spa we use it for various skin care treatments, but we recommend for people stressed physically and mentally.

It is performed on umbilical chakra from carefully selected essential oil as needed emotional.

Moxa use on the external parts of the body over energy channels called Ren Mai.

Examples of moxa treatment;

Ceremia sensuality for women,274,sensuality-rytua-kobiecoci

Caesar ceremony for the men.,71,ritual-del-cesar-zabieg-na-twarz-i-ciao

Alchemy is something more than beauty treatments.

Time of treatment: 20 minut
Price: 50 zł

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