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Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee Body Scrub

Coffee peeling Alchemy prepared immediately before its execution is excellent with anti-cellulite treatments, slimming and firming, or an overall improvement in skin condition.
The main ingredient is freshly ground coffee, which stimulates aiding weight loss and cellulite reduction giving the skin the necessary flexibility. It is important to use it regularly, because only in this way will achieve the expected results.
Contained caffeine in coffee and the slimming effect against free radicals. Coffee effectively narrows the pores, and mechanical friction makes it effectively gets rid of dead skin cells, which in turn enhances the absorption of the use of special anti-cellulite cosmetics, and weight loss.
Ground coffee mix with oil, cold-pressed from sweet almond which also makes the skin nourished, and elasticised young.
Peeling coffee recommend to perform in the series and supplement it with slimming or anti-cellulite treatment, an important part after peeling the coffee is also home care appropriately selected cosmetics.


Time of treatment: 45 minut
Price: 165 zł

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