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Voucher Alchemy Day Spa

Voucher Alchemy Day Spa

What is a spa voucher, Alchemy?

Alchemy spa voucher can be a quota, or strictly defined treatment of a spa and wellness center, you can select it from the menu Alchemy Day Spa Warsaw or individually tailored according to the needs or tastes.

Spa voucher Alchemy is something more, the nature of Alchemy Salon Day Spa Warsaw is kept in a climate of prewar Warsaw, it is a unique place where holistic body care cosmetics from outside to inside and from inside to outside is unique and complex. Spa voucher Alchemy is not only the immediate effects unique beauty of the body and face, but the rest of the soul, care of Alchemy is the achievement of harmony between soul and body, through conscious action we achieve immediate and lasting cosmetic effect, and in addition excellent health and well-being.

Cosmetic effects, well-being and health thanks to the brand Alqvimia. Alchemy Day Spa Warsaw is an authorized salon brand Alqvimia this unique brand of 100% natural cosmetics of the highest quality for professionals is to a great extent the reason that not only our treatments and cosmetic care beauty are so glamorous but also limit the provision of unnecessary toxins in the body which further affects the quality life.

Alchemy spa voucher can be bought for a few of ways, directly at our office ul. Maple 20 lok 1 Warsaw, or in a more convenient form as the Internet, the form of purchase through the Internet is a very convenient way to buy gifts is a so-called voucher for a spa for the forgetful, without leaving your home you can easily buy it as ask alchemy @ dayspa .com, a spa voucher for the forgetful, we can accomplish in 15 minutes 25h a day.

Alchemy Day Spa since 1998 has an idea for a gift in the form of a spa voucher.
Stay in the spa salon for a living caustic fun for people, the result of which will be unique, immediate, long-lasting cosmetic effect as well as well-being, health and happiness.

Recommended treatments as an idea for a gift;,11,14,5,13

Alchemy oldest type of beauty salon Day Spa in Warsaw

Our partner Alqvimia

Contact a gift at the last minute via the internet:
Tel: 502 178 075

Beauty Salon Alchemy
Tel: 22 849 32 56
Tel. Mobile: 502 224 723
Tel. Mobile: 502 178 075
Ul. Maple 20 lok 1 00-591 Warsaw


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