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Pressotherapy - deep cleansing of the body
Treatment reducing cellulite, skin firming and slimming silhouette.
Thanks to the pressure exerted on the body allows you to perform an effective drainage, which helps to remove the broken body fat and other harmful products of metabolism, improves blood and lymph circulation, affecting the entire cleansing and nourishing
organism. Due to the tremendous opportunities removed from the body fat breakdown products, pressotherapy is the perfect complement to other weight loss treatments. The treatment improves blood circulation, reduces swelling fat, slimming and firming body. An additional benefit is pressotherapy marked improvement in well-being and the effect of "lightness" of the body.


60 minutes Price 100 zł 10 treatments 2 tickets once a week. 700 zł (*)

Time of treatment: 60 minut
Price: 100 zł

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