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Alchemy body relaxation massage Fix Stress Massage for Two ANTY STRES

Alchemy body relaxation massage Fix Stress Massage for Two ANTY STRES

Alchemy body relaxation massage Massage Stress Fix A question often asked what a massage? Massage is a type of manual therapy to release accumulated stress from the body as well as calming the mind. Originally designed to loosen muscles and soothing, like other therapies manual, relaxing massage Alchemy develops various massage techniques using harmonic movements, which show excitement, opening the favorable reactions occurring in muscle metabolism, biological and psychological. Massage is a natural way of relaxation, without the side effects of handmade hands and forearms, without the use of machines, but with the help of 100% natural cold-pressed oils mixed with individually selected essential oil, relaxing massage is performed in a specially prepared spacious room equipped with a disposable underwear, candlelight, with a unique musical setting, relaxing massage is a massage in which we operate all the senses, reducing feelings of stress. During the massage therapist assesses the degree of mental and physical stress and mechanical stress by focusing on the hands of the right places. In contrast to other types of massage, such as mechanical, physiological, aesthetic, athletic ..., relaxing massage is indicated for people who experience episodes of stress in all its forms, as well as for those who wish to experience the reflexes of protectiveness. Empirical studies have shown that people with a massage, a relaxing improve the quality of life and improve health. Relaxing massage frequently perceived as the only alternative to living in a state of internal unrest and pressures of everyday life is a powerful tool that allows you to achieve a state of peace and rest for the people and in addition to the known effects, improves circulation, soothes nerves and purifies the mind. Although there is no relaxing massage, it is not advisable to perform it in the case of edema, pregnancy, completed operations, ulcers, burns, inflammation, kidney disease and heart disease. Currently, there are different schools that specialize in physical and emotional human massage by a relaxing massage. We created our own school-stress activities supported more than 20 years of practical experience and a variety of specialized training.

Anti-stress massage Alchemy is one of a kind. In addition, after the massage we offer home care products.
Anti-stress massage Stress Fix Alchemy is unique.



Time of treatment: 90 minut
Price: 640 zł /cena promocyjna 520* zł

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