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Face Care

Alchemy analysis of appropriate skin care advice.

Alchemy analysis of appropriate skin care advice.

Alchemy analysis of appropriate skin care advice.
The face is particularly exposed to the adverse external factors, such as dirt, dust and impurities physiological: sweat, mucus tallow, which hinder proper breathing skin.
Therefore, prevention of facial skin nursing is an extremely important step in proper skin care at home and should become a habit, regardless of whether we have make-up or not.
The treatment is based on the exact make-up remover face, exfoliating and toning, so prepared skin is subjected to analysis and diagnosis of skin.
We pay attention to the type of complexion, examines the individual condition and fitness, it allows us to assess:
- The degree of hydration of the skin,
- Flexibility,
- The level of sebum in the area of ??T and U,
- Smoothness,
- Then,
- Discoloration,
- Sensitivity, vascularization
- Wrinkles.
Such analysis will allow us to explore the appropriate treatments and cosmetics to home care.
After this analysis apply the necessary cosmetics brand Alqvimia as a sample of the possibilities of the brand.
Time 45 minutes Price 60 zł *
When you subscribe to a series of treatments tailored to skin type we will give a discount of 60 zł

Time of treatment: 30 minut
Price: 60 zł

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Face Care Face Care

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