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Face Care

Banquet beauty care

Banquet beauty care

Banquet beauty care for the face Alchemy, made on the basis of carrot oil, it is thanks to the high content of beta-carotene, vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and P provides immediate cosmetic effects, and improves skin color, giving it a darker complexion , reduces wrinkles and prevents their formation, intensely nourishes, moisturizes and firms the face, neck and dekoldu, recommended for tired skin is particularly dry by atmospheric action and those caused by indoor during the winter (heating).

Express Care Facial Cosmetic perfect against unexpected way is a treatment of a Beauty lunch time.

Care consists of peeling, masks, massage and application of a suitable cream or extract.

The treatment used in other cosmetics are 100% natural and essential oils of the highest quality and purity Alqvimia derived from medicinal plants.

Care treatment we recommend the booklet 3 treatments for the price of 360 zł * valid for three months.

Cosmetics for home care Alqvimia:

Natural Facial Scrub Scrub Naturally Pure

Oil Carrots

Or other cosmetic home care matched to skin type.

* Offer valid only when paying cash

Alchemy Day Spa Beauty salon Warsaw


Time of treatment: 50 minut
Price: 170 zł

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Face Care Face Care

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