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Face Care

Anti-wrinkle face care Elixir of Eternal Youth

Anti-wrinkle face care Elixir of Eternal Youth

Rejuvenating face care treatment.
Beauty is a natural alternative to Botox treatments, provides a smooth and rejuvenated skin, prevents signs of aging, smoothes fine lines, moisturizes, nourishes, regenerates and tightens the skin, restores elasticity and vitality of the skin.
Recommended for those who begin to show wrinkles, with lively facial expressions, the weight-loss treatments and after intense sun exposure.

To care brought the expected results, we recommend to perform the treatment of ten treatments twice a week, then at least once a month to maintain the effect.
We pass 3 treatments for the price of 620 zł *
* Price valid for cash

Exceptionally effective care based on cosmetics company Alqvimia

Trust our beautician.


Time of treatment: 90 minut
Price: 290 zł

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Face Care Face Care

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