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Gifts Massage Yin or Yang in search of balance

Gifts Massage Yin or Yang in search of balance

Everyone has has its polarities of Yin and Yang
Alchemy along with Alqvimia created a new unique massage that through proper individual selection of essential oils makes it achieve a balance between the polarities plus and minus, which in turn improves our mood, physical and mental energy, resulting in excellent health.
Massage ideal for men and women the best in the booklet of seven massages to use at least twice weekly for the first two weeks then once a week.
Due to the upcoming opportunities we have prepared a special offer price voucher
Price after discount massages seven zł 1030 zł 2030 before discount save 1000 zł
The price of one massage before discount 290 zł
The price of one massage after discount 147 zł time 90 minutes

Time of treatment: 90 miunut
Price: 290 zł

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