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Gift idea for a massage for two in one room

Gift idea for a massage for two in one room

Massage for two in one room.
Probably the best aromatherapy massage for two in Warsaw.
Aromatherapy body massage for two in one room is a holistic care in search of perfection and balance between body and soul.

A specially designed massage is characterized by its uniqueness, individual selection of fragrances depending on the client's emotional state, it allows you to achieve complete relaxation of physical and mental health.
Developed a special massage technique combined with the experience of talented massage therapists is the essence.

Couples massage is made on the basis of 100% natural with sweet almond oil cold pressed which also nourishes, moisturizes and firms the skin, contrary to popular belief, cold-pressed oil of plant origin will not clog pores penetrates the skin.

While the essential oils used in massage for two are derived from wild plants which are guaranteed to deliver 100% the properties attributed to them.

10% discount on the massage at the cash price of 330 zł. *

Couples massage is an original [idea for a gift]

A good massage Warsaw

Massage Warsaw

* Price is not subject to discounts.

Duration: 60 minutes.
Price: 380 zł


Time of treatment: 60 minut
Price: 420 zł / cena promocyjna 350* zł

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