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Day Spa Bonus Packages

Gold Package Alchemy Day Spa Luxury

Gold Package Alchemy Day Spa Luxury

Gold Package Alchemy Day Spa Luxury to freely chosen treatments from the price list of the main.
By paying 1000 zł person can perform treatments on the amount of 1100 zł for use in convenient time within 3 months.
Spa Package is a very good solution because you yourself develop a series of body treatments face of a cosmetic or health-oriented stress relaxation, you can use it for workshops Empoderamiento feminine perfume, and in many other ways.
The package is a unique idea for a gift voucher spa for different occasions.

* Not applicable procedures promotional
Reservations or phone: 502178075

Alchemy since 1988 create a true 100% natural health-promoting body treatments, face and soul.


Time of treatment: dowolny
Price: 1000 zł

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Day Spa Bonus Packages Day Spa Bonus Packages

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