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Day Spa Bonus Packages

The Open House

The Open House

The Open House Alchemy Luxury Day Spa is a synergy Features Benefits Benefits.
This package is the same benefit 20% discount on all treatments from the menu Alchemy, cosmetics Alqvimia Open package furthermore has extended the validity period of up to six months.
The nominal value of the package 2500 zł Alchemy further increases the value of the package to be used for the amount of 2750 zł The Open Alchemy is an excellent idea for a gift or voucher spa, providing great mood health, anti-stress and strongly relaxation, but also it can be used for extremely effective treatments face body, all our treatments are made with the highest quality 100% natural cosmetics Luxury brand Alqvimia

Price: 2500 zł

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Day Spa Bonus Packages Day Spa Bonus Packages

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