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Face Care

Royal de Luxe

Royal de Luxe

Deeply moisturizing and nourishing facial treatment for skin very dry deficient lipids and nutrients, made on the basis of selected 100% natural cosmetics Alqvimia, among other oils cold-pressed from avocado and wheat germ, which have countless cosmetic properties, in addition precisely tailored essential oils act as active substances in the treatment enhances the effect of humidification. Appropriately selected hydrating mask is the quintessential master recipe moisturizing treatment, as a result of care relieves tension and restores skin tissue structure and refreshes, removes signs of fatigue from her face, regenerates and strengthens the skin regains elasticity, strength and elasticity.

In addition, after treatment you receive specially prepared personalized prescription home care and the opportunity to acquire a series of cosmetics for dry skin.

We offer a ski pass 3 treatments 650 zł (valid for 3 months) *
Exceptional effective natural skincare:

An example of home care cosmetics 100% natural premium brand Alqvimia;

Clinique: Milk Alqvimia Ylang Ylang

Tonic Azahar Alqvimia

Cream for dry skin:

The extract for skin:

Cold-pressed oils not modified:

Avocado oil:

Wheat germ oil:

Oil John's Wort:

(*) When paying by cash

Alchemy unique beauty salon


Time of treatment: 90 minut
Price: 290 zł

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Face Care Face Care

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