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Face Care

Eternal Youth Anti-aging

Eternal Youth Anti-aging


The ritual of face care with maximum effectiveness, providing instant youthful. The combination of vegetable oils, this formula (Abyssinian rose mosceta, borage) offers a unique moisturizing effect, nourishing, restoring balance and regenerate. Extracts arctic raspberries and blueberries, which, thanks to adapt to difficult climatic conditions are an irreplaceable source of antioxidants to protect against premature aging skin. It should also pay attention to extract iris high regenerating properties and anti-inflammatory processes occurring in areas of skin damage. Strategy for anti-wrinkle complex sets of proteins from wheat germ, giving the effect of density, voltage, firming and rebuilding. A combination of different types of vegetable butter, Karite, Cocoa and Mango complements the action formula restores skin elasticity, regenerating, repair, soothing and protective, while providing additional nutrition and natural moisture, which prevents and reduces the degenerative processes of cells, regeneration of Asian mushroom extracts Schizophylum commune with properties bleach and tone harmonizing facial stimulates the skin's protective mechanisms, giving the effect of soothing and anti-inflammatory processes, essential oils of Neroli esencjonalne, lemon, orange, patchouli, Palma Rose, geranium, rosewood, incense, myrrh and bring its properties Benjui regenerating, protective and anti- aging of the skin, known and used since centuries.


Time of treatment: 90 minut
Price: 360 zł

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Face Care Face Care

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