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Brisa Marina cleansing body treatment, natural detox

Brisa Marina cleansing body treatment, natural detox

Care recommended throughout the year for people who start dieting.
It is a shock treatment that uses sea water and właścwości all elements of the environment among other algae in the process of regeneration is Thalassotherapy.

Algae are the riches of the sea and because of its components (macro and micronutrients, vitamins) have many beneficial properties, most important of which is a potent detoxification, cleanse the body of excess water and toxins, help zremineralizować the body, strengthen the immune system and stimulates it to a natural renewal.

Treatments based on these assumptions give a very quick and effective results in-care treatments, slimming, cellulite, moisturizing and cleansing, ideal for skin diseases, respiratory diseases, exhaustion, insomnia and rheumatism.

Brisa Marina Thalassotherapy care based on the body stimulates the regeneration, cleans and detoxifies the body from accumulated toxins, ideal for the start of dieting or a complement of such a postnego once a month
(Marine body scrub and facial, seaweed wrap Breton - during the facial massage with warm shells, draining swimming, massaging essential oils concentrate

Time of treatment: 120 minut
Price: 330 zł

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