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Brazilian Anti-cellulite Manual Massage

Brazilian Anti-cellulite Manual Massage

Slimming extremely effective massage Chinese cupping, weight loss and modeled figure, massage using vacuum bubbles, which effectively breaks down the excess fat and cellulite, perfectly blended essential oils will naturally work odchudzająco and firming, also improve blood and lymph circulation, helps in cleansing the body of toxins and fluids, edema.
We offer a slimming pass:10 treatments 30 minutes - 800 zł *10 treatments 60 minutes - 1300 zł ** When paying by cash
To carnet diet of 1000 or 1500 kcal.
Alchemy Chinese Bubble Massage Day Spa Warsaw
This is a very effective massage for cellulite but not limited to, the performance advantages of bubble Chinese assist the operation of the various levels of the desired effect.
Sculpting Firming slimming cellulite.
Specially prepared blend of essential oils on the basis of almond oil penetrate into the blood circulation, vigorously work ..
Carry out such a massage is to achieve the effect in a very short period of time, the use of Chinese cupping the execution of the anti anti-cellulite massage is primarily a skin blood circulation and thus reduce body fat significantly improving the flexibility of the skin,
During the performance of the Chinese Bubble Massage select body parts like thighs buttocks, abdomen and sometimes other female body where accumulate or are already visible traces of accumulated fat and cellulite. Properly well-made massage is also mute and relax with anti-stress effect, this massage releases muscle tension. clients
Chinese cupping massage is a massage extremely energetic, so discouraged that is to make a person have a blood clotting disorder as well as women during menstruation.
Please do not take this massage a pregnant woman is a contraindication to performing massage Chinese cupping.
Diseases (cancer, tuberculosis, chronic inflammation) are also contraindications to the use of this type of massage.
In terms of effectiveness Chinese cupping massage performed on a specially prepared blend of essential oils allows you to achieve optimal results in a very short time.
Chinese cupping massage is recommended to use in series and in regular intervals. 

Time of treatment: 60 minut.
Price: 180 zł

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