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Aroma Peeling and full body massage hombre

Aroma Peeling and full body massage hombre

Exceptional care of the whole body is made using 100% natural cosmetics, consisting of mechanical removal of that lifeless skin and other impurities of the skin, peeling activates and accelerates cell regeneration, peeling the peeling hydrochloric acid and the base is a salt from the Dead Sea Alqvimia, is prepared before surgery with an individually adjusted scent and cold-pressed oil with sweet almond.After the peeling perform a full body massage, individually chosen scent accompanies throughout the procedure makes not only a cosmetic effect but get emotional balance, resulting in a great mood, deep relaxation and anti-stress effect.
Why is it so good is peeling with Dead Sea salt?Salt from the Dead Sea Alqvimia is extracted from the Jordan River basin has 350 different minerals, so a high concentration of chemical compounds, makes his action is not only limited to the mechanical getting rid of horny skin antiseptic but also acts as a catalyst accelerating the absorption of valuable active ingredients for the skin contained in cold-pressed oil and essential oils.
Why do body scrub?The most important cosmetic effect is that peeling activates cellular regeneration, reduces roughness of the skin, removes small skin imperfections, thanks to cosmetics used the highest quality skin becomes silky, nourished, beautiful an even skin tone, rejuvenating effect.
How often do body scrub?Body Scrub is recommended to perform at least once a week.We recommend exfoliating pass for 10 treatments.
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Time of treatment: 100 minut
Price: 395 zł

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